Zhanna Tsytsyn (b.1983) is a Pacific Northwest-based artist whose work utilizes  a variety of techniques, including oil, acrylic, soil, poured paint, spray paint and sand to create intensely textured paintings. Rooted in Ecosomatics and inspired by nature, music, body and mysticism, Tsytsyn creates surreal, metaphysical, abstract landscapes and figurative work that reflect in the natural world our own inner landscape.
Inspired by what unites us as a species and our oneness with nature, Tsytsyn uses rhythm and pattern motifs within body and nature, reflecting how movement can be a way of attuning to the rhythm of the universe.
Absorbed in magical thinking and creation of fantasy worlds that unify external and internal landscapes, much like transcendental portals we access through shamanic dance, Tsytsyn’s textured meditative works explore the elemental human yearning for permanence and connection in a universe governed by constant change. 




2008 - BA - Painting, Drawing and Printmaking

            Portland State University, Portland, OR

2004 - The Art Institute of Portland


Select Exhibitions

2023 - Clark County Open Studios, WA

2023 - Portland Open Studios, OR

2023 - Solo Show - The Matters of Origins, La Casita Cultural Center, Vancouver, WA

2022 - We Are Reversal, Palazzo Pisani-Revedin "Rossini", Venice, Italy

2022 - Blind Insect Gallery, Portland, OR

2022 - La Casita Cultural Center, Vancouver, WA

2022 - Rebirth, Le Jardins Des Arts, New York, NY

2021- Superfine Art Fair, New York, NY